Laura & Gio

I’m not quite sure where to start with this wedding. The ceremony had such a profound impact on me and the energy of the guests and band left me on such a high I didn’t want to leave!

Most ceremonies I have done follow the same format and whilst they all have their personal touches and vows there was something different about this one. Not just because it was a Jewish ceremony, it was the words that Rabbai Paul used to describe the tradition of smashing the glass.

“Life is imperfect and in some part so should your wedding day be, and that’s ok” 

It was something along these lines above, I wish I had recorded it. The wedding industry is subject to such huge pressure to make everything perfect for everyone, all the time. It’s a lot to handle week in and week out and the stress levels can often sky rocket. Truth is perfection doesn’t exist. For someone who has always been a ‘perfectionist’ letting go of this has been a bit of a relief. Don’t get me wrong, I will always want things to be right and go well but I’m not going to make myself sick with the stress of it anymore. Life is imperfect and the more we come to terms with that the happier we will all be.

Laura and Gio

Laura and Gio

Now I’ve sidetracked a little but I just had to explain my thoughts and feelings on the ceremony! I was the one at the back of the room having a little cry knowing this ceremony would stay with me for life.

Thank you to Paul Rogers who sent the following beautiful images of the day and evening. It was such a joy filled and energetic wedding which was supported by the most amazing band called ‘Totem Superstars’. These guys know how to entertain!

The hugest and most heartfelt thank you to Laura & Gio for having me be a part of their wonderful day. They were so lovely to worth with and I really wish them the very best in life.

Laura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and Gio


Venue- Essendon Country Club

Flowers- Funky Flowers

Music- Totem Superstars

Rabbai Paul Glantz

Photography- Paul Rogers 

Styling and props- WeddingCreationsUK

To see more images take a look at:


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