Valentine’s Day

I’ve personally never been one to go all out on Valentine’s, in fact I’ve never really liked it. Why? Because I’ve never been a fan of the colour red and combine that with red roses (in fact garage flowers in general!), cheesy cards and cuddly toys… enough said really.

And then there’s the whole cliche remark I’ve already heard many times this week… “I don’t need a special day to tell my other half I love them”.

This however is where I differ a little, by having a ‘day’ as such it reminds us to take a moment out of our busy lives to show our partners that we do love and appreciate them. And I don’t mean buying things but by voicing and showing it. Without the reminder of a ‘day’ most of us would go on as usual and not stop to remember the little quirks that we love about them.


So whilst I’m not a fan of Valentine’s (the commercial side of it anyway!) I teamed up with Becci from Bijoux Floral Design, Emerald Paper Design, Vintage Gold China, Dan Morris Photography and the adorable Sid to bring you a little Valentine’s inspired shoot.

Becci and I decided to inject a bit of colour and show how you can use coloured linen to make an impact. We steered clear of bright reds and used a deeper richer burgundy pared with pinks, soft purples and golds. I usually don’t use a huge amount of colour in my styling but I loved the chance to have a bit of fun and experiment with it.



Thanks to Dan Morris for capturing it and putting up with my oohhhhsss and aahhhhss over everything Sid (the dog!) did!!

Big thanks also to Kingscote Barn for having Becci and I style their open days throughout January. I will be uploading a blog post with a few images of our setups soon.

I’ll also be posting my first wedding on here shortly! It was a beauty ❤

L xx


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