I’m not quite sure where the year went? The last post I wrote was in Feb 2018! I knew it was a busy year but I really should have written more!

So for 2019 I wanted to start off with a bit of escapism as many of us will be feeling a bit blue and seeking some sunshine right now. Last year I went to Croatia and promised to blog the trip and so here it is! I’ll try and keep my words minimal as it’s such a beautiful country the pictures will do the talking but I will link to places I visited and will add those all important tips throughout!



I started my trip in Split and took a walking tour around the city starting at the Golden Gate…


The following morning I woke up early so that I could hike Marjan Forest Park during the sunrise. I didn’t have a set plan or path and intentionally walked wherever I felt like going. I ended up walking for 2 hours until I found a completely private beach! (This was somewhere along the North of the park)



That night I visited Crossfit Split ( Highly recommend them if you do Crossfit!) followed by an evening of dancing and listening to music in the main square.

The following day I took a bus up to Sibenik. Whilst I liked this city I much preferred the vibe of Split. Sibenik had some wonderful sites though…


and a cheeky cat…


From Sibenik I then took a bus the following morning to Skradin. Skradin is a small town and I absolutely loved it. It’s quaint but perfectly formed and the best location for the waterfalls. If (like me) you aren’t keen of hoards of people trying to get the perfect ‘instagram image’ of themselves in the water then you’ll want to get to the waterfalls early.

The first boat leaves at 8am from Skradin and so to get this boat I stayed at an Airbnb in the town (it was lovely!)


The boat ride takes approx 25mins and at 8am I recommend something warm to wrap yourself up in (I was freezing the first day!) There is also a 4km trail that you can do on foot or bike to the falls but as I wanted to get there early on the first day I passed on this.


So here they are- Krka National Park waterfalls. It was breathtakingly beautiful and I can see why it gets so popular! If you read up on the falls a lot of people will mention how busy it gets especially on the board walk. That’s why I recommend going early.

Now you can swim in the waterfall. Our boat arrived and we all saw a sign saying no swimming here and being typical tourists adhered to it and carried on walking. I then saw a croatian family head straight into the water and followed them in. Having the waterfall to ourselves for an hour was magical. By midday there were crowds of tourists and everyone was pushing, falling and trying to secure a rock to stand on.

As a side note if you’re planning on a trip to the falls then I’d recommend a waterproof bag (They sell tons of these in Skradin) and a waterproof phone case. The rocks are very sharp and sporadic, you will fall no matter how careful you are. The currents are also quite strong by the waterfall. It’s all common sense but if you want flotation devices or special shoes add those to your list. I went bare foot and was fine bar a few scratches.


Along the boardwalk there are facilities and the option to catch another boat to Visovac, sadly I didn’t have time to do this.


I ended up going to the falls twice before making my way back down to Split where I spent another night soaking up the music and atmosphere in the square.

A few mobile pictures as I didn’t take my camera to the square…


Skradin AirBnb:

Skradin Restaurant (The best meal I had):,15.9223874,175m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x13352ca823985d87:0x400ad50862bccd0!2sSkradin,+Croatia!3b1!8m2!3d43.8176375!4d15.923255!3m4!1s0x0:0xe06e4610e6247f41!8m2!3d43.8179612!4d15.9230163

Walking tour:

Great Hugo cocktails and food in Split:

Any questions let me know! Happy to share away!

Hope this is helpful to those unsure about going! Do it!!

Lauradana xx


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