8th February 2019

I loved working with Jess and Ollie on their day at Kingscote Barn earlier this year. It feels like only yesterday we were chatting about plans for the barn. From start to finish these two were a dream to work with and they didn’t stop smiling on their day. I love these images by Eternal Imaging of their wedding day and had to share them with you all!

Jessica + Oliver 4Jessica + Oliver 6Jessica + Oliver 39Jessica + Oliver 50Jessica + Oliver 60Jessica + Oliver 186Jessica + Oliver 213Jessica + Oliver 266Jessica + Oliver 268Jessica + Oliver 272Jessica + Oliver 275Jessica + Oliver 287Jessica + Oliver 326Jessica + Oliver 348Jessica + Oliver 529Jessica + Oliver 616Jessica + Oliver 647

Congratulations guys and thanks for being so amazing!


Stylist: WeddingCreationsUK

Stationery: Emerald Paper Design

Florals: Bijoux Floral Design

Images: Eternal Imaging

Venue: Kingscote Barn

Niamh & Chris

Niamh & Chris were married at the picturesque Painswick Church followed by a beautiful reception at Elmore Court. I loved styling their day with colourful boho influences throughout. It was such a joyful wedding to be a part of as you’ll see from the images…




Flowers by:

Balloons by:



Glassware and cutlery:



What a beautiful day and I can’t get enough of Niamh’s gorgeous dress and back necklace! So pretty! Congratulations again guys!


N&C had the full styling service with all props included, more information on this service can be found here:




Lauradana x




I’m not quite sure where the year went? The last post I wrote was in Feb 2018! I knew it was a busy year but I really should have written more!

So for 2019 I wanted to start off with a bit of escapism as many of us will be feeling a bit blue and seeking some sunshine right now. Last year I went to Croatia and promised to blog the trip and so here it is! I’ll try and keep my words minimal as it’s such a beautiful country the pictures will do the talking but I will link to places I visited and will add those all important tips throughout!



I started my trip in Split and took a walking tour around the city starting at the Golden Gate…


The following morning I woke up early so that I could hike Marjan Forest Park during the sunrise. I didn’t have a set plan or path and intentionally walked wherever I felt like going. I ended up walking for 2 hours until I found a completely private beach! (This was somewhere along the North of the park)



That night I visited Crossfit Split ( Highly recommend them if you do Crossfit!) followed by an evening of dancing and listening to music in the main square.

The following day I took a bus up to Sibenik. Whilst I liked this city I much preferred the vibe of Split. Sibenik had some wonderful sites though…


and a cheeky cat…


From Sibenik I then took a bus the following morning to Skradin. Skradin is a small town and I absolutely loved it. It’s quaint but perfectly formed and the best location for the waterfalls. If (like me) you aren’t keen of hoards of people trying to get the perfect ‘instagram image’ of themselves in the water then you’ll want to get to the waterfalls early.

The first boat leaves at 8am from Skradin and so to get this boat I stayed at an Airbnb in the town (it was lovely!)


The boat ride takes approx 25mins and at 8am I recommend something warm to wrap yourself up in (I was freezing the first day!) There is also a 4km trail that you can do on foot or bike to the falls but as I wanted to get there early on the first day I passed on this.


So here they are- Krka National Park waterfalls. It was breathtakingly beautiful and I can see why it gets so popular! If you read up on the falls a lot of people will mention how busy it gets especially on the board walk. That’s why I recommend going early.

Now you can swim in the waterfall. Our boat arrived and we all saw a sign saying no swimming here and being typical tourists adhered to it and carried on walking. I then saw a croatian family head straight into the water and followed them in. Having the waterfall to ourselves for an hour was magical. By midday there were crowds of tourists and everyone was pushing, falling and trying to secure a rock to stand on.

As a side note if you’re planning on a trip to the falls then I’d recommend a waterproof bag (They sell tons of these in Skradin) and a waterproof phone case. The rocks are very sharp and sporadic, you will fall no matter how careful you are. The currents are also quite strong by the waterfall. It’s all common sense but if you want flotation devices or special shoes add those to your list. I went bare foot and was fine bar a few scratches.


Along the boardwalk there are facilities and the option to catch another boat to Visovac, sadly I didn’t have time to do this.


I ended up going to the falls twice before making my way back down to Split where I spent another night soaking up the music and atmosphere in the square.

A few mobile pictures as I didn’t take my camera to the square…


Skradin AirBnb:

Skradin Restaurant (The best meal I had):,15.9223874,175m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x13352ca823985d87:0x400ad50862bccd0!2sSkradin,+Croatia!3b1!8m2!3d43.8176375!4d15.923255!3m4!1s0x0:0xe06e4610e6247f41!8m2!3d43.8179612!4d15.9230163

Walking tour:

Great Hugo cocktails and food in Split:

Any questions let me know! Happy to share away!

Hope this is helpful to those unsure about going! Do it!!

Lauradana xx

Amy & Ryan

What a way to kickstart 2018! 

I first met Amy whist teaching primary gymnastics (in my spare time!) and in she came one day with the cutest class I’d ever teach. Amy is such a lovely teacher (and person!) with such a sweet personality and I was so honoured to be asked to style their wedding day!

It was lovely to work alongside Lee from Strawberry Fields Catering and Kingscote Barn again, both great teams! Look out for Lee pictured below!

A few words from Amy…
“I just wanted to message and say a huge thank you for everything you did to help make our wedding day so perfect. Your decor was impeccable and beyond what I ever imagined!! The detail you put into it was just amazing and so personal to Ryan and I. It was beautiful. I was blown away.
So many people commented on the venue and how amazing you made it look. I can’t thank you enough. You are extremely talented and I will highly recommend you to all my friends and family in the future.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!”

I will let you admire these beautiful images by James Fear Photography, which sums up their cosy winter wedding perfectly…

(Supplier links at end!)

Wedding photography at Kingscote BarnWedding photography at Kingscote BarnWedding photography at Kingscote BarnWedding photography at Kingscote BarnWedding photography at Kingscote BarnWedding photography at Kingscote BarnWedding photography at Kingscote BarnWedding photography at Kingscote BarnWedding photography at Kingscote BarnWedding photography at Kingscote BarnWedding photography at Kingscote BarnWedding photography at Kingscote BarnWedding photography at Kingscote BarnWedding photography at Kingscote BarnWedding photography at Kingscote BarnWedding photography at Kingscote BarnWedding photography at Kingscote BarnWedding photography at Kingscote Barn

Congratulations again Amy & Ryan!



James Fear Photography

Kingscote Barn

Strawberry Fields Catering

Wedding Creations UK

Penny Lane Vintage Hire (Light up letters)

Valentine’s Day

I’ve personally never been one to go all out on Valentine’s, in fact I’ve never really liked it. Why? Because I’ve never been a fan of the colour red and combine that with red roses (in fact garage flowers in general!), cheesy cards and cuddly toys… enough said really.

And then there’s the whole cliche remark I’ve already heard many times this week… “I don’t need a special day to tell my other half I love them”.

This however is where I differ a little, by having a ‘day’ as such it reminds us to take a moment out of our busy lives to show our partners that we do love and appreciate them. And I don’t mean buying things but by voicing and showing it. Without the reminder of a ‘day’ most of us would go on as usual and not stop to remember the little quirks that we love about them.


So whilst I’m not a fan of Valentine’s (the commercial side of it anyway!) I teamed up with Becci from Bijoux Floral Design, Emerald Paper Design, Vintage Gold China, Dan Morris Photography and the adorable Sid to bring you a little Valentine’s inspired shoot.

Becci and I decided to inject a bit of colour and show how you can use coloured linen to make an impact. We steered clear of bright reds and used a deeper richer burgundy pared with pinks, soft purples and golds. I usually don’t use a huge amount of colour in my styling but I loved the chance to have a bit of fun and experiment with it.



Thanks to Dan Morris for capturing it and putting up with my oohhhhsss and aahhhhss over everything Sid (the dog!) did!!

Big thanks also to Kingscote Barn for having Becci and I style their open days throughout January. I will be uploading a blog post with a few images of our setups soon.

I’ll also be posting my first wedding on here shortly! It was a beauty ❤

L xx

Helen & Matt

On a crisp winters day I made my way to Kingscote Barn for Helen & Matt’s winter wedding. It was Christmas Eve Eve and so there was a general excitement in the air throughout the day. I loved styling their day with a combination of their personal items alongside my props.

As M&H had previously lived in Canada there were some subtle references throughout to their time there such as their car number plate and Canadian table plan and names. As it was Christmas we also decided to turn the Linhay into a Santa’s grotto for the children in the evening.

It was all perfectly captured by Courtney Louise Photography so I’ll let the photos do the talking below… (Credits at end)


Venue: Kingscote Barn

Photography: Courtney Louise Photography

Catering: Berry Blue

Lighting: CJ Events

Props & Decor: WeddingCreationsUK


Thank you to Helen & Matt for having me style your wedding day!

L x

Laura & Gio

I’m not quite sure where to start with this wedding. The ceremony had such a profound impact on me and the energy of the guests and band left me on such a high I didn’t want to leave!

Most ceremonies I have done follow the same format and whilst they all have their personal touches and vows there was something different about this one. Not just because it was a Jewish ceremony, it was the words that Rabbai Paul used to describe the tradition of smashing the glass.

“Life is imperfect and in some part so should your wedding day be, and that’s ok” 

It was something along these lines above, I wish I had recorded it. The wedding industry is subject to such huge pressure to make everything perfect for everyone, all the time. It’s a lot to handle week in and week out and the stress levels can often sky rocket. Truth is perfection doesn’t exist. For someone who has always been a ‘perfectionist’ letting go of this has been a bit of a relief. Don’t get me wrong, I will always want things to be right and go well but I’m not going to make myself sick with the stress of it anymore. Life is imperfect and the more we come to terms with that the happier we will all be.

Laura and Gio

Laura and Gio

Now I’ve sidetracked a little but I just had to explain my thoughts and feelings on the ceremony! I was the one at the back of the room having a little cry knowing this ceremony would stay with me for life.

Thank you to Paul Rogers who sent the following beautiful images of the day and evening. It was such a joy filled and energetic wedding which was supported by the most amazing band called ‘Totem Superstars’. These guys know how to entertain!

The hugest and most heartfelt thank you to Laura & Gio for having me be a part of their wonderful day. They were so lovely to worth with and I really wish them the very best in life.

Laura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and GioLaura and Gio


Venue- Essendon Country Club

Flowers- Funky Flowers

Music- Totem Superstars

Rabbai Paul Glantz

Photography- Paul Rogers 

Styling and props- WeddingCreationsUK

To see more images take a look at: