Intimate ceremony at Hyde House

It’s been a while since I last wrote (December 2020!), who would’ve thought that this would all still be going on come April 2021. But here we are and I thought I’d share some images from an intimate ceremony I had towards the end of last year at Hyde House.

The couple, S&J, were an absolute dream. I was so excited to see not only would they be going ahead, they wanted their suppliers to be there to make it extra special. I can’t wait to work on their wedding celebration later this year with all their friends and family!

So here are some of the gorgeous images by Katie Hamilton from their intimate ceremony in the grange. I hope you enjoy having a look through, and if you’re considering a small ceremony this year and a party next I hope it helps you see that it doesn’t have to be clinical or bare. You can still put your stamp on the ceremony even if it is short and sweet!

Images: Katie Hamilton

Bouquet & signing table flowers: Haze Lea Designs

Garland, entrance flowers, props & styling: Wedding CreationsUK

Venue: Hyde House

Bride wears dress from ASOS and earrings from Emilia Rae Bridal

Christmas Monochrome Wedding Inspiration

I absolutely loved getting creative for this shoot and doing both the flowers and the styling! I had a vision of mono-bloom arrangements with a gyp cloud hanging over the table and honesty stems in between candles. I love the Christmas firs and pines but you don’t always need this! I often get asked for a wintery design that isn’t too classically ‘Christmas’ and I think keeping it simple and removing either the reds or greens that Christmas is known for helps with this! I personally LOVE the honesty in with the candles, it’s so delicate, picks up the candlelight and leaves enough room for the all important food and drink!!

I hope you enjoy looking through! I’ve popped the credit list at the end but special thanks to Victoria from The Couture Cake Company for inviting me to be a part of this! She makes the most amazing brownies so go and check her out!!

Photography @nelliephotography
Concept and cakes: @thecouturecakecompany
Styling and Flowers @weddingcreationsuk
Venue @rhysefarmvenue
MUA @chloemccallmua
Jackets @bespoke_by_victoria
Videography @the_storytellerfilms
Hair @leddingtonhairdressing
Hair pieces @opalluxe
Stationery @plainsagedesigns
Dresses @tdrbridal
Confetti @flowerconfettiuk
models @livtandyx @_phex @_xsian1harber @charlmairoudi

Dining amongst the Orchards

As soon as I set eyes on the Orchard at Munsley, I knew I had to style the incredibly beautiful orchard. It was just calling for long tables under a sea of festoons!

Image by Siobhan Beales Photography

When piecing together ideas and styling plans I knew immediately that I wanted this shoot to focus on local businesses. Every single supplier was local to the venue and many items were handcrafted like the tables, jewellery and stationery for example. The flowers were also lovingly grown in the UK by the talented India from Vervain Flowers.

I feel like it is more important than ever before to use local suppliers, for both the environment and to support smaller businesses. The attention to detail from every supplier was incredible, it was a super chilled evening full of laughter and a chance to get creative together. So here is what happened when we all got together one beautiful evening…

Isn’t it all just so beautifully captured by Siobhan! I can go on forever about how talented and amazing Siobhan is. Not only is she a joy to work with on the day she always delivers on the images and supplies so many so quickly!

Jayne, the owner of this new venue, sent us all away with a parting gift of apples which I made an apple pie with! Below is the recipe from Jayne’s mum:

Mum’s apple crumble

1 lb cooking apples (after peeling and coring) eg. Bramley 
4 tbsp water
2-3 tbsp sugar, if apples are tart
8oz plain flour
2oz porridge oats
3oz sugar
6oz chopped butter (at room temp)
Demerara sugar to sprinkle on top
Flaked almonds (optional)

Preheat oven to 180℃

For the crumble, put the flour, oats, sugar and butter into a mixing bowl. Work together by hand until you have a coarse breadcrumb consistency.

Peel and core the apples, cut into small chunks and put into an ovenproof dish. Depending on the tartness of the apples, add 2-3 tbsp of sugar and the water. 

Spread crumble mixture over the apples and compact moderately. Sprinkle all over with demerara sugar.

Cook on the middle shelf for 35-40 minutes until golden brown. Test with a skewer to check that the apple has softened.

As an optional topping, toast a handful of flaked almonds. Once the crumble is cooked, scatter the almonds on the top.


I’ll link to the video as soon as I can, for now you can find in on my instagram @weddingcreationsuk

Concept, props and Styling: @weddingcreationsuk
Venue: @theorchardatmunsley
Photographer: @siobhanbealesphoto
Videographer: @catbeardsleyphotography
Florals: @vervainflowers
Furniture: @valleyfurniturehire
Cake: @hannahculleyscakes
Stationer: @pigmentandpaper
Earrings: @elizabethterzza
Ribbon: @silkandwillow
Cutlery: @vintagegoldchina
Crockery: @countrycrockeryhire

Picnic at Kingscote Barn

Without delving too deep, the wedding industry this year has been hit HARD, with many suppliers having no income since March! It’s been a tough time but I’ve found myself seeking out moments of joy and happiness wherever possible.

I’ve been part of a few small intimate set ups and love it! So the idea of ‘pimping your picnic’ and decorating your garden came about! If your thinking of marking your original wedding date or having a family picnic to celebrate a birthday, hen do or even planning on proposing then get in touch as I’d LOVE to be a part of it!

These series of images are from a picnic at Kingscote Barn I set up for Kerry & Brett who had to unfortunately postpone their day. Kingscote are currently renting out their accommodation and so this lovely couple got to stay in the amazing treehouse!

CleverChefs who provided the amazing graze board currently have a pop up restaurant at the barn and so you can dine and stay too! Such a great idea!

Here are the images by Courtney Louise Photography of the lovely couple and the picnic set up…


Thank you to Kerry & Brett and I can’t wait for your day next year!




Styling and Props:




Commitment Ceremony

Weddings are still up in the air and we are all dealing with what is and isn’t allowed and what this means for your day as well as our businesses.
It’s a heart breaking time for everyone involved as important dates pass us by in the calendar. Despite this I’ve seen so many of my lovely couples celebrate their days with loved ones and friends online and it is so lovely to see!
It sparked an idea for what was originally a shoot at @theorchardatmunsley and I’m so glad Jayne was on board! We put out a competition for couples who had to postpone to win a commitment ceremony with everything included!
The gorgeous Sophie & Alex won and along with their dog, Dill, came along to the venue with their parents. The ceremony was carried out with 6 in total and it was an emotional and beautifully intimate moment led by The Natural Celebrant.

The commitment ceremony was captured by David Liebst so I’ll end my write up here and let his images do the talking…





As you can tell it was an emotional ceremony! I love celebrant ceremonies as they are so much more personal, it’s as if you’re being married by somebody you know! It was such a wonderful event to be a part of and something I’d love to do more of in the future!

Suppliers involved:

Photographer: David Liebst Photography
Venue: The Orchard at Munsley
Styling and decor: WeddingCreationsUK
Florals: Alexandra Sylvester Florals
Celebrant: The Natural Celebrant
Benches: Event Furniture by Tarren



Postponement- Changing from S/S to A/W

A week or so ago I posted on my stories asking what worries couples had since postponing their wedding day. A large majority came back with the two same worries:

  1. That the change in season would mean their photos wouldn’t look good and that they’d have to re-think décor and flowers
  2. That their families wouldn’t be able to make the new date

I wanted to put together a blog post to help address these worries and have asked a few trusted suppliers to share some of their own words and advice.

So lets tackle that first point- “our photos won’t look as good” with the wonderful Katrina Bartlam and some of her words…

I love a winter wedding – which may surprise you as my photography is naturally very light filled . However I think this is exactly WHY I love a winter wedding so much. Here are the main reasons why and some of my top tips for getting the most out of a winter wedding

The light is soft all day

You don’t get that tricky very harsh midday light that you can get on a scorching summers day. In that situation I am constantly looking for nice open shade to prevent getting lots of harsh shadows and contrast on people’s faces, in winter this isn’t a problem


Sunset is so much earlier

You’ll have heard photographers talk about ‘the golden hour’ – well in winter that happens at around 3 or 4pm and lasts for longer which means that we can get lots of photos in stunning light in the middle of the wedding instead of it happening in the middle of the night!

Light is more interesting

In winter the light is so interesting and you can play with light and shadows. I’ll be looking for beautiful window light in your venue, long corridors with beautiful pockets of light, bursts of sun through bare branches – these can all create beautifully interesting images


The party kicks off early!

For some reason in this country people tend not to really let their hair down and put on their dancing shoes until it is dark. In winter when this generally happens by 5pm it means the party really gets going nice and early which means lots of time for me to capture the most fun images of the day – throwing some shapes on the dancefloor and necking jaegerbombs


Thanks so much to Katrina Bartlam for sharing her words and images, I’ve always agreed with this. Some of the best images I’ve received have been the weddings from September-March as you get such beautiful soft lighting. Yes it may be a bit colder but once you’ve had a few drinks you won’t notice it at all!

September and October have the most amazing golden sunsets as seen below (1st Image- by Darina Stoda) and November-March you have beautiful soft lighting and if the weather isn’t playing ball you can make use of slightly covered areas for intimate photos (2nd Image by Jessica Raphael)

Elisa + Jamie Wedding Low Res-746

Image by Darina Stoda taken at a wedding in September 2019


Image by Jessica Raphael taken at a wedding in December 2019

Another worry was that “you’d have to re-think décor” by that meaning flowers, colour schemes and decorations. Whilst I think the majority of colour schemes can carry through to winter you can be a bit bolder and add in a deeper colour. With winter weddings you get to play with texture a bit more and add sumptuous velvets or muslins. It’s also an excuse to have ALL the candles and fairy lights too. By the time you and your guests are sitting down for wedding breakfast it will be darker so to get that romantic atmosphere and wow factor go for lots of warm and soft lighting in the form of candles and fairy lights.


Image by Jessica Raphael taken at a wedding in December 2019

Your main décor shouldn’t have to change between the seasons but I’d add a few extra touches to help guests feel comfortable. Blankets are always a great idea for winter so guests can wrap up. Perhaps change a pimms drinks reception to a boozy hot chocolate station or a mulled wine station.

As for flowers I’ve asked the wonderful Charlotte from Flowers By Charlotte Elizabeth to shed some light on how a change in season may impact your flowers…

Autumn offers a chance to introduce some jewel toned opulence into your wedding day, blush and burgundy is often a firm favourite and adding some darker tones into your flowers can be an easy update ‘Chocolate Cosmos’ (a personal favourite – yes it actually smells like chocolate!) alongside some dark foliage such as ‘Cotinus’ would give a quick change of season to a lighter pink palette.

Luckily, British grown flowers are still abundant during much of this season and Dahlias, Cosmos, Antirrhinums, Japanese Anemones and Zinnias, all offer a plethora of different colour combinations. You are bound to find flowers you love to suit your already established ideas and with the help of your florist you will soon be falling in love with your new season!


Image by Katrina Bartlam

If you prefer a paired back colour scheme and favour muted, neutral tones this can work brilliantly too, by incorporating lots of texture, always in ample supply all around us during Autumn. Crab Apples, seed heads, decorative Grasses and dried elements can add a modern, seasonal edge to your arrangements.

For those couples who have now found themselves adjusting to the idea of a Winter Wedding, let me assure you that nothing could be more romantic and there are still wonderful blooms to be had!


Image by Joanna Briggs

Hellebores and Ranunculus probably deserve special mention here and swags of silvery foliage and foraged catkins are pretty hard to beat! Rosemary and Jasmine can work brilliantly in bouquets alongside ruffled Roses and in Buttonholes alike. Perhaps delicate Snowdrops en masse for table decoration or foliage garlands and endless candles?

Wreaths as ‘thank you’ gifts for loved ones or in threes behind cake tables can give an elegant and tasteful nod towards Christmas.

Texture is again something to consider and a beautiful velvet and silk ribbons in a soft grey or pale blue trailing from a bouquet is a simple way to add some Winter luxe to your special day.


Image by Joanna Briggs

Thanks to Charlotte for sharing her advice and extensive knowledge on flowers! The flowers in the first two images also feature Charlotte’s flowers to give you more examples of some winter florals. I’m a huge fan of hellebores myself, I can’t get enough of them in winter!

So where does that leave us now? On to a worry many had “our family won’t be able to come”. Now it’s not one I originally thought I could offer any advice or help with but after thinking it through I’m assuming it is a worry that stems from changing from a weekend wedding to a weekday wedding. I know myself and other suppliers have had this with many couples and it is a big change.

The only re-assurance I can give is that in 6 years of styling weddings I have decorated them over every single day of the week. Gone are the days of weekend only weddings. All of your friends and family will have known that you are in an unprecedented situation and that postponement has meant a weekday has had to be chosen. I am sure they will do everything they can to be there for you. And at the end of the day what does this all come down to?

It is a promise between two people to look after and support one another through life’s ups and downs. No matter what.

So in light of that as long as the two of you are there with those closest to you, making your promises to one another, who really cares about the rest? I once styled a Jewish wedding and sat in during the ceremony to find myself in floods of tears. The Rabbi explained what the breaking of the glass meant: “It is to portray true life, for life itself is not perfect and neither should your wedding day be”. The wedding industry as well as our couple’s are under a constant pressure to make everything perfect and whilst we all strive to achieve that I though it was a beautiful idea to embrace and acknowledge that life is imperfect.

Now more than ever I think this rings true, suddenly we are all becoming more aware of the importance of the little things as we’ve been stripped of all of the superfluous. We value our family and friends even more so as we’re unable to see them at present. I truly think all of these worries will go out of the window as soon as you’re able to dance and share memories with the ones you love again.

I really do hope this all helps in some way and if any of my couples want help with changes for their day just give me a call, you know where I am!

Happy Easter all,

Lauradana xx

Thank yous to:

Katrina Bartlam

Flowers by Charlotte Elizabeth

Images by: Katrina Bartlam, Darina Stoda, Joanna Briggs and Jessica Raphael 

Christmas wedding at Elmore Court

I don’t know about you but isolation is starting to feel a little like Christmas, nobody seems to know exactly what day it is or what is happening. It’s an uncertain time made better by family close by.

With that being said I thought I’d share a wonderful family that were married at Elmore Court back in December 2019.

It was such a wonderful day and captured so well by Jessica Raphael Photography I couldn’t resist sharing it! Enjoy!



Venue: Elmore Court

Images: Jessica Raphael Photography 

Flowers: Simply By Jo Hiorns

Styling and Props: myself!

Megan and Luke had the full styling service with all props, set up and take down included. If you’d like to know more then get in touch. 


Boho wedding at Kingscote Barn

In light of recent events and a nationwide lockdown I’ve had some extra time on my hands to catch up on images and share some beautiful weddings from 2019 with you all.

First up is the wonderful Elisa and Jamie who had a boho outdoor wedding at the wonderful Kingscote Barn in September 2019. I’ve been wanting to share this wedding in it’s entirety for ages now as it had soooo many gorgeous details, so here it is…

Images by the talented Darina Stoda (all other suppliers listed at end)

Elisa + Jamie Wedding Low Res-111

I think you’ll agree looking at those-what a wedding! Love that their dog got to spend it with them too (they hired in a professional dog sitter which Kingscote recommends). The talented Bride, Elisa, made the place settings and vellum menus which worked perfectly with their décor for the day. The replacement of canapes for a grazing board was a big hit too.

I absolutely loved being a part of their day and it was so nice to style Kingscote Barn so differently too!

Images: Darina Stoda

Venue: Kingscote Barn

Styling and décor: WeddingCreationsUK

Flowers: Megan Lily Floral Design

Furniture: Valley Furniture Hire

Caterers: Clever Chefs


Hope you enjoyed looking through, for more up to date images check out Instagram

Beautiful Hyde House wedding

I’ve been meaning to blog for a while now and with the season calming down I thought where better to start than with Bryony & Ollie’s day. On the 7th September these two wonderful people said I do at Hyde House. I absolutely loved being part of their day and so I’ll let the images, as usual, do the talking.

All suppliers credited at the end, enjoy!

Bryony and Ollie designed the stunning stationery which made their day so unique and special to them. So many people commented on it and I’m so glad to say that they’ve since started their own stationery company! Yay! (See link below)

Bryony and Ollie had the full styling service which included all props. They also made use of my faux foliage and we created a hanging arrangement above the top table with the addition of some real foliage. Loved this colour palette and the addition of black!

So many beautiful details! I absolutely loved styling this day for them both.

Venue: Hyde House

Florist: Forget me Knots 

Styling: WeddingCreationsUK
(Full Styling Service)

Stationery: Fern&Grey

Images: White Stag Weddings


8th February 2019

I loved working with Jess and Ollie on their day at Kingscote Barn earlier this year. It feels like only yesterday we were chatting about plans for the barn. From start to finish these two were a dream to work with and they didn’t stop smiling on their day. I love these images by Eternal Imaging of their wedding day and had to share them with you all!

Jessica + Oliver 4Jessica + Oliver 6Jessica + Oliver 39Jessica + Oliver 50Jessica + Oliver 60Jessica + Oliver 186Jessica + Oliver 213Jessica + Oliver 266Jessica + Oliver 268Jessica + Oliver 272Jessica + Oliver 275Jessica + Oliver 287Jessica + Oliver 326Jessica + Oliver 348Jessica + Oliver 529Jessica + Oliver 616Jessica + Oliver 647

Congratulations guys and thanks for being so amazing!


Stylist: WeddingCreationsUK

Stationery: Emerald Paper Design

Florals: Bijoux Floral Design

Images: Eternal Imaging

Venue: Kingscote Barn